Your Seeds

Why should I be the only one having fun? I get seeds all the time from people who, like me, enjoy rooting around the dark recesses of their minds to come up with interesting yet quirky seed names and then trying them out. Sadly, I never know what to do with these seeds because I only post unique seed names.

Until now!

This page will be the unrestricted seed post for all other humans: which means that anyone with a decent seed title can post their seed names here and why they think that seed rocks. None of the seed names here will appear in the main blog; this is just a little piece of real estate for people who want to report cool stuff they found.

If you think one of these should have a map, post "MAP THIS: nameofseed" and I'll consider walking a map for it if I'm bored one day. Also, remember that seed names are case sensitive -- so spell it exactly how you type it into your XBOX.

Warning: people other than me enjoy words like "boobies" and other such fare in their seed title names. While I don't personally go there, those seeds may be posted here, so if you find such things offensive, stick with the main blog.


  1. Map This: 4686119503799028594 all I can say is MOUNTAINS!!!! So many mountains, one of the prettiest seeds I have stumbled onto in a while

  2. Grace's seed

    Grace's seed is a nice mix of biomes and contains lots of goodies. There is a nice village in the central south which has obsidian and iron pickaxes, a crazy mycelium island at (319, 72, 142) and a few surface lava springs (69, 69, 272 and 202, 69, -337). There's even a funky tree near (-369, 117, -342).

  3. -723306833 1 Village Massive Mountains Biome Mob Spawner Near Spawn IN Cave Not Giving Coords Just for people who Wanna Do A LP for it

  4. Amazing seed you spawn near a ravine and a cave next to a swamp the map has ALOT of clay

  5. -3607896270654533859 4 mushroom islands (all good sizes) with a large Deseret that has 2 villages both with blacksmiths

  6. Seed: Minecraftia mostly forest and plains biomes but with a really cool mineshaft at x:338 y:73 z:-33

  7. -4827530088836127148

    x-175 y68 z9 cave entrance leading to stronghold

    x-172 y89 z60 strong hold

    x-139 y40 z78 end portal

    x-155 y38 z84 storage box

    x-198 y40 z79 library

    x-262 y13 z127 diamonds

    x-361 Y14 Z138 DIAMONDS

    x-206 y35 z61 storage library

    x-244 y80 z94 zombie spawn

    x-277 y80 z94 spider spawn

    x-248 y68 z410 abandoned mine shaft. First

    ever for me...

    I would love to see people try itout and find more things. This map has resources galore, I just havent been able to mine too many diamonds yet...

  8. Seed: DEATH, has ocean and mooshroom islands.

  9. Map this: map11

    Lots of water, islands, desert, grassland, jungle, mushroom - no snow

  10. "Seeeed" (capital S) has something I've never seen before, what I'll call Pandora mountains... Floating jungles.

    And "Ape S***" (uncensored with capital letters) has a double mob spawner near X=-29, Z=-124

  11. I love what your doing and I have create such a blog to celebrate Xbox 360 minecraft seeds too. Your blog is an inspiration to my humble beginnings

  12. b1b2tf72014

    Soon as you spawn start digging. If u go more then 5 layers down and dont find Gold, Diamonds, iron, or red stone then the map doesnt work after update

    1. please message me on xbox to tell me if it worked. if so i will create more.

      tf7 falnphoenix