Sunday, November 4, 2012

1.8.2 Seed & Map: littleblackant

Total Score
96.8 / 170.0 ( 56.9% )
FLAT 4.4 V 5.5 M/H 9.1
RAV 5.2 C 6.6 AMS --
HOLD -- DW 3.1 OH 7.3
LB 9.7 FLOAT 7.8 SHADE 8.3
W 5.1 CLAY 6.2 LAVA 6.8
WF 7.1 LF 4.6    

*Each rating has a maximum value of 10.0


  • Premium! This seed has scored higher than 80 out of 170 in the overall score.
  • Rolling! 8.0 or higher in mountains and hills.
  • Spanned! 8.0 or higher in land bridges.
  • Dark! 8.0 or higher in shadows.


  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • ++ Expert ++
  • Suicidal Expert

Technical Details

Seed Number: 1609147006
Version: XBL 1.8.2 (equiv PC 1.2)


The little black ant, Monomorium minimum, may seem like little more than a common household pest, but it is situated in a unique part of it's ecosystem and fulfills a vital role -- they eat bird crap. Without the black ant (and car washes), the whole of the United States would be covered in bird crap. They are unusual for insects: they have multiple queens and can grow and shed wings for mating purposes.

My Review

Simply put, this is a stunning level that will melt your brain and then compress the resultant goo into diamonds that it will then hide by the massive underground lake of lava. This is without a doubt the longest single mountain range that I have found so far. "Shadow Lake" is gorgeous and situated in a great place to build a castle. For people who like floaters, this level also contains the biggest floater I've found so far (post-update) and a crazy village that is half-situated on a floater. The waterfalls and the shadows are absolutely amazing. If you know how to handle yourself, you have got to check this one out.

Can't Miss

There are tons of things to see and do, but the best of them all is the waterfall-covered triple land bridge. It is a flashback to some of the legendary mountain seeds of the previous Minecraft build. Water flows from everywhere and the shadows are beautiful yet void of bad guys.


  • [-221.73.117] village, x7 buildings, guard tower, water well
  • [-251.88.293] elevated village, x5 buildings, guard tower, water well


  • [-300.13.-5] lava lake
  • [-333.12.-21] x8 diamonds

Above Ground

  • [-52.122.-40] tallest point
  • [-17.71.-167] three small floaters
  • [-53.68.-78] pumpkins in amazing cave
  • [-46.69.-103] mega overhang
  • [8.82.-49] small land bridge
  • [48.66.-60] sinkhole
  • [131.117.-108] perfect shield mountain
  • [127.99.-62] tall waterfall
  • [186.78.-302] medium land bridge
  • [236.68.-314] "Shadow Lake" monster land bridge
  • [208.115.-340] two gnarly medium overhangs
  • [374.81.-247] medium overhang
  • [-31.95.-101] perfect cliff-side hidi-hole
  • [-110.94.-67] large floater
  • [-105.73.-23] medium overhang
  • [-93.66.90] medium land bridge
  • [-131.76.64] medium cascading waterfall
  • [-303.68.3] hidden lava pit


  1. that not for xbox

  2. I've found some type of fortress underground. Can someone confirm what it is exactly. I'm a noob at this so I'm not sure what it'd be called. You can find it at x: 130, y: 30, z: -110

    1. Yes Miguel u are a noob coz that is a stronghold which I have bEen trying to find for a long time. And there is a library!! Bro u are boss!! I will SO try this out as soon as half term. Stupid school

  3. Also found a library at x: 130, y: 47, z: -122

  4. Replies
    1. Play in creative, get a map, fly everywhere!!

  5. great blog id love to see a nether section or even whether a seed has a nether fortress or not

  6. Whenever I try this it starts me in the bottom right corner. The snow part matches up but the entire left side and most of the top right is water instead of the great mountains...etc you talk about...

    Any ideas why this is?

    1. I tried it and got the same results as you. Disappointing.

    2. Same here! The bottom left and right corners were the same but at least half of the world is water.. What the heck :/

  7. I created it twice last night with the same results. Top half of the world is mostly water, with a few islands.

  8. This seed has changed since the updates (TU7, TU8, and TU9). You'll only be able to use the TU9 seeds that I'm posting now.