Saturday, November 3, 2012

Off Topic: Disney Acquires Star Wars

I consider the acquisition of Star Wars by the Walt Disney Corporation to be one of the most depraved and soul-wrenching events to ever happen in my lifetime. I consider it particularly cowardly that they waited to make their move until I was struck with a hurricane and unable to raise an army in opposition. The hero we needed to pull the Star Wars universe from out of the Pop 100 bin of history has failed to arrive, replaced instead by a big-eared antichrist that will take the feeble and embittered franchise down a path of Edward D. Wood Jr.-esk exploitation and mindlessness the likes of which you have only seen from the Skeksis in the 1982 classic The Dark Crystal.

Since I can't bear to think of it another minute, I present to you a YouTube video by gamer-goddess Raychul, who will give you a significantly more delightful and less jaded take on the death of this once-cherished franchise.

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