Monday, May 13, 2013

Look Up ↑ Two New Pages!

What's this? Two new pages.

Page #1 - Make Friends

New to Minecraft and looking to meet people who play it on XBOX Live? Need some instructions? Want to organize a game of Hunger Games or just goof around building a castle? Want to invite people to an "open house" of your grand castle? Want to reign arrows down on unsuspecting Minecrafters while standing on the bastions of your castle?

Post a comment on this page with your XBOX Live name and the message of your choosing so other people can find you and join your game.

Page #2 - Your Seeds

Why should I be the only one having fun? I get seeds all the time from people who, like me, enjoy rooting around the dark recesses of their minds to come up with interesting yet quirky seed names and then trying them out. Sadly, I never know what to do with these seeds because I only post unique seed names.

Until now!

This page will be the unrestricted seed post for all other humans: which means that anyone with a decent seed title can post their seed names here and why they think that seed rocks.

Hope these two pages help you in your Minecrafting.

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