Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Fall of zaq - The Roaring 20s

Continuing with my Fall of zaq series, here are the seeds I checked out that didn't make the cut:

zaq33 All Biomes, Boring -- some nice river valleys
zaq32 All Biomes, Boring -- tons of trees
  [-219.83.21] village, x11, guard tower, water well, built on hill, near other village (due west across desert)
zaq31 All Biomes, Boring -- one giant cove, land mostly on east side of map in one big long strip
zaq30 All Biomes, Boring
zaq29 All Biomes, Boring
  [-358.65.-48] sweet cave
zaq28 All Biomes, Boring
  [314.66.-270] x2 dead drops into underground ravine
zaq27 All Biomes, Boring
  [0.96.0] small extreme mountain biome
zaq26 All Biomes, Boring
  [355.26.148] nice ravine and cave system
zaq25 Handful of islands, one nice jungle island
zaq24 All Biomes, Boring
zaq23 A few cool spots
  [-125.36.274] dungeon, zombies, x8 red stone, x4 gun powder
[-372.98.148] medium floater
[263.71.-10] cliff dive into deep ravine, Y=16]
zaq22 Remote archipelago with tons of water
  [260.90.396] small floating mushroom island
[-344.151.19] huge mushroom island

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