Friday, October 11, 2013

The Fall of zaq: Day 2

On a side note, I posted my 1,500th seed photograph today (not including maps). Huzzah!

Continuing with my Fall of zaq series, here are the seeds I checked out that didn't make the cut:

zaq20 all biomes boring, x3 villages
zaq19 all biomes boring
  324.92.-19 - sheer half-hill
370.107.188 - sheer half-mountain (photo)
zaq18 awesome mountains in southeast corner
 15.12.-292 - x6 diamonds, lava room
368.94.341 - cool mountain tunnels (photo)
zaq17 thick jungle with nice flat desert mid-to-northwest
  -5.65.42 -- medium flat desert
zaq16 long peninsula east and a nearby island west
  -219.64.164 - entrance/ great lava caverns

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