Sunday, April 7, 2013

TU9 Seed & Map: 2jj8h

Total Score
25.2 / 30.0 ( 84.0% )
RIM Scores*
REAL 6.3 INT 8.9 MAG 10

*Each rating has a maximum value of 10.0


  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • ++ Expert ++
  • Suicidal Expert

Technical Details

Seed Number: 4943 7602
Version: XBL 1.4 (TU9) (no PC equiv)

My Review

This is absolutely an expert level. Beginners will be overwhelmed by the sheer complexity of the mountainous terrain in the south or get lost in the huge forest up north. When walking through forests and such, watch your step: there are multiple holes in the ground that are dead drops into ravines. You will plummet to your death if you're not paying attention.

This seed was so gorgeous. I kept taking photos and now they're everywhere. The above ground is all craggy and full of nooks and crannies. The underground is full of abandoned mineshafts. I was blown away by some of the stuff in this seed. Still not legendary, but no doubt one you'll want to see.

Above everything else is the decimated stronghold. I use the word "decimated" in it's traditional sense in that it's missing about 10% of the structures it should have -- cleaved in twain by an overzealous ravine. This thing is gorgeous, frustrating, and like something an artist would droop clocks onto.

Can't Miss #1

Thunder Dunk Lake [4.64.4] is a great place to go cliff diving. It's a lake surrounded by sheer cliffs on three of four sides. The photo doesn't really do it justice. When you're standing on the edge of it, it's truly amazing. There's simply no way to capture this thing with a single camera shot.

Can't Miss #2

So, the Ghost Library [-168.32.93] is part of the decimated stronghold. The walls and ceiling are missing. As a result, the chandelier is floating in mid-air. Combined with the cob webs, it reminded my of an old-time horror film. Since you have to come down here to find the ender portal anyway, you might as well swing by and pick up a book. Just don't stay too long -- lest something picks up you.


Sweet. Good open space and a fairly nice fortress. This is a nice one if you like to use glowstone.

Ender Portal

I spent no less than an hour searching endlessly for this stupid ender portal. However, I was unable to find it. I can't swear that it's not there, but I TNTd the entire complex and came up with nothing. My thought is that it may have been destroyed by the ravine that cuts the stronghold into pieces. I just wanted to put that idea out there so that if it turns out it's not there, you're not disappointed. I'm warning you in advance, there may not be an ender portal.


  • [325.74.260] village, x4 buildings, water well, blacksmith
  • [261.70.52] village, x1 building, guard tower, water well


  • [-106.32.75] tall lava fall
  • [-132.32.40] x3 gold
  • [-123.31.60] decimated stronghold
  • [-168.32.93] "Ghost Library"
  • [-120.30.87] another library
  • [-216.12.17] x4 diamonds
  • [-103.29.35] dungeon, skeletons, no chests
  • [-103.28.53] x4 gold
  • [-157.12.36] x8 diamonds
  • [-182.19.143] x5 lapis lazuli
  • [-102.42.-360] small abandoned mineshaft entrance
  • [-374.33.357] long underground ravine
  • [324.22.355] large ravine, lava shoot, offshoot caves, redstone!!

Above Ground

  • [369.60.287] dungeon, zombies, x2 chests
  • [105.68.364] medium flatland with pumpkins
  • [-233.78.-284] pumpkins
  • [-118.68.-383] ravine
  • [293.68.-52] huge flatland
  • [344.66.105] small ravine/pumpkins
  • [-61.65.157] dead drop into medium ravine
  • [-227.68.131] dead drop into large ravine, stronghold, abandoned mineshafts
  • [-59.81.62] nice shortcut cave
  • [217.71.-117] lava pit
  • [174.68.-16] dead drop into deep large ravine, Y=12, obsidian!!
  • [4.64.4] "Thunder Dunk" Lake
  • [-52.73.-43] medium erosion

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