Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Can't Miss: The Epic Cave of Fire


Firstly, I want to say, "Whasup!" to my buddy GVdaMan for spending almost two hours with me searching this massive cave complex trying to piece together just what the hell we were looking at. The first time I saw it, I just jotted down the coordinates for the writeup. Today, we went back and made our home down there and kicked ass searching as many branch caves as we could until one of us died by falling into a lava hole and the other one did the same while picking up the first guy's diamonds. I'm not going to tell you which of us was the second idiot.


  • Seed: tomorrowonfire
  • Location: -190.66.-316 for gravel peninsula
  • Location: -167.12.-304 for Epic Cave of Fire


  • X3 stone pickaxes
  • workbench
  • wood X8
  • at least 25 torches
  • a bed
  • at least 40 mud/sand

How to Get There

So, here's how to get there. Sadly, when you spawn, you're probably going to be on the opposite end of the map. Start walking -- it's worth the trip. You're heading for the first set of coordinates (see "Location" above). When you get there, you're going to see a large sandy island in the water and a peninsula of gravel. If you dig in the middle of the peninsula, it will collapse. Retreat so you don't fall to your death. You'll see a newly found cave with a waterfall.

Assuming you're well supplied, jump down into the waterfall and ride it to the bottom. That will save you from dying or digging 25+ levels down. At the foot of the falls, you'll see a narrow path heading away from the waterfall. Four blocks from the waterfall, if your back was to the waterfall, start digging a single path to the left headed downward in a stair-step pattern until you get to Y=12. Then turn to the right and dig STRAIGHT -- not DOWN -- slowly until you find the Epic Cave of Fire

You're going to be astounded, but before you even consider heading into the Epic Cave of Fire -- save your game!

The Main Event

The Epic Cave of Fire features a massive lava lake that stretches in all directions -- even under the visible stone into undiscovered caverns. It appears to only be two or three big lakes, but in reality they are all connected. The central point and landmark is the obsidian waterfall. From here, you can branch out by using your mud/sand/gravel/cobblestone to build paths on which you can walk.

You'll have to carefully build a series of sky bridges in order to navigate down here; there is very little natural floorspace. You'll want a chest and to deploy your bed so that at least one of you spawns back at the cave in the event of death.

There are caves crisscrossing above the lake and stretching way back up into the stone and mud above you. These caves also contain flowing lava, so be careful where you swing your pickaxe.


  • Don't stand directly in the obsidian waterfall -- the current will sweep you into the lava.
  • Don't dig straight upward at any time because there are lava falls everywhere and you have no idea which ones are connected to lava on the upper levels.
  • Don't forget to set your torches on the right so you can follow them back out.
  • Put your map in a chest so you can guide your friends back in if they fall in the lava.

Your Rewards

  • Lava Falls (5)
  • Offshoot Caves to Explore (no less than 13)
  • Gold (3 veins)
  • Red Stone (7 veins)
  • Coal (countless)
  • Iron (30-40 veins)
  • Blue Stone (3 veins)
  • Diamonds (we found 3)
  • Obsidian (60-100, manipulate the waterfalls for more)
  • Zombie Spawner (one: inside cave above lake of fire; thanks GV!)

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