Sunday, August 19, 2012

Seed: 28boru


  • ++ Beginner ++
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Expert
  • Suicidal Expert

Spawn Coordinates


Seed Score
MH 3.2
DW 2.5
C 4.1
W 3.9
SP 6.3
VR 3.2
AF 4.1

My Review

This is a great map for beginners, even though resources and wood are hard to come by. The key is, the spawn point has everything you need to get started: wood, coal, iron, hidi. Plus, I found a zombie spawn which I think is a cool bonus to have on a beginner level.

Items of Interest

  • [18.68.196] zombie sound, large exposed stone and gravel quarry
  • [-10.67.201] iron
  • [-87.73.298] zombie spawn


I like to refer to hills like this as half-and-halfs. It's always interesting when the desert appears to creep across the land. This also gives you a good indication of how the trees are clumped together into tiny, tightly-packed forests.

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