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Legendary Seed: ax+by=c

Special Achievements

  • Legendary Seed! This seed has scored an astonishing 55+ out of 70 in the overall score.
  • Golden! This seed has scored higher than 50 out of 70 in the overall score.
  • Premium! This seed has scored higher than 40 out of 70 in the overall score.
  • Abyssal! Higher than 8 out of 10 in deep water.
  • Spelunked! Higher than 8 out of 10 in caves.
  • Anseled! Higher than 8 out of 10 in awesome features.


  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • ++ Advanced ++
  • Expert
  • Suicidal Expert

Spawn and Version

Spawn: 18.67.-76
Version: XBL 1.1.1 (equiv Beta 1.7.3)

Seed Score
MH 7.3
DW 8.3
C 8.9
W 7.1
SP 6.2
VR 7.9
AF 9.6


This equation isn't an equation at all; it's known as the standard form of algebra and it governs the proper way to write an equation. It's sort of like an element of grammar, but for math. Regardless of it's purpose, it's simple, easy to remember, and makes for a great Minecraft seed.

My Review

This level was really amazing. There are things to see in almost every quadrant of the map. I started off hearing a large number of zombie sounds coming from hidden underground tunnels. Then I found my first couple of land bridges. Then some overhangs. Then everything got bigger. Then things were riddled with coal and iron. By the time I realized what I had on my hands, land bridges were spanning mountain valleys and hiding epic caves in their shadows. There are scenic cliff-side hidi-holes that will keep you safe at night, but during the day you are just as screwed because there is shade everywhere. The trees grow in clumps and the formations pump out day-walkers in alarming numbers.

It took me an hour just to complete the map -- an unheard of amount of time that should show you how hard it is to move around. Then I played underground for another three hours, falling from one cave system into another until I reached bedrock. I had diamonds (which I turned into a pickaxe) within my first hour and enough obsidian for a portal at the 150 minute mark.

To try to give you some understanding of how rare some of these things are, I'm now approaching my 200th review and have played another 50 seeds that didn't make the cut and the series waterfall (falling water that falls again further down the stream) at -183.77.266 is only the third I've ever seen. It's not amazing to look at per se, but it is rare. And some of these formations are just incredible. I strongly recommend this seed for anyone looking for a serious challenge.

The Nether

The Nether for this level is absolutely infuriating. It's a labyrinthine nightmare full of side passages that don't go anywhere and tunnels that snake up and down so you have no idea what level you're on. When you finally do break through to the top (and for the love of James Lipton, throw down some torches), what you will find is that you're basically pressed up against the ceiling -- as evidenced by the easily available glowstone that's right in your face.

Beyond this antechamber is a more traditional Nether world, but it's very small and very cramped. There's not much to see and the lava is way down below and a pain to get to. Getting back to your portal takes forever even when you leave breadcrumbs.


  • [-235.77.131] deep pitfall cave
  • [-118.77.-80] shortcut cave and coal
  • [-86.84.197] hidden cave inside hidi-hole, large coal
  • [-41.67.-105] zombie cave with iron
  • [208.73.-34] small coal cave
  • [227.66.-298] shortcut cave, large coal
  • [251.73.-50] small iron cave, small overhang
  • [298.72.44] medium cave
  • [329.67.351] hidden cave with stalagmites and large iron
  • [371.63.-306] small cave with stalagmites and coal


  • [235.71.-166] medium overhang, large sugar
  • [234.67.42] large overhang
  • [223.71.-348] two medium overhangs, small coal
  • [186.71.-13] large overhang, large coal in side of cliff
  • [-9.70.145] large overhang
  • [-114.80.210] large overhang
  • [-133.79.156] narrow small overhang
  • [-324.73.94] small overhang

Land Bridges

  • [-253.72.-62] medium land bridge
  • [-164.72.-39] long medium land bridge
  • [-142.71.288] large land bridge, overhang, and hidi-hole
  • [-111.66.196] amazing massive land bridge
  • [79.73.198] large land bridge
  • [180.77.43] large land bridge
  • [342.71.352] small land bridge and small crevasse

Under the Epic Land Bridge

  • [86.69.28] epic land bridge with two overhangs hiding a large cave complex with mega coal and mega iron deposits in its shadow
  • [54.67.34] zombie spawn; if you dig under south moss stone you'll find large coal; chests include four buckets and some cocoa beans
  • [24.30.51] gold vein
  • [29.17.34] gold vein and dig down for obsidian generator
  • [26.21.61] gold vein and medium coal
  • [32.13.15] diamond cave
  • [30.44.17] pitfall cave

Other Items of Interest

  • [2.77.-107] two spires, one small, one medium
  • [-19.64.-126] zombie sounds
  • [-196.73.-66] mushrooms
  • [-208.73.-15] pumpkins
  • [-349.76.-182] medium cave
  • [-235.65.-328] medium sugar
  • [-166.65.-334] small cliff diving event
  • [355.69.-322] beware: dead drop
  • [338.73.-230] small hidi-hole
  • [253.76.-24] large hidi-hole
  • [346.84.-58] medium cave complex with large coal
  • [342.81.3] gorge
  • [195.84.23] cliff-side hidi-hole
  • [272.92.0] cliff-side hidi-hole
  • [-40.67.299] small hidi-hole
  • [-168.73.284] pitfall
  • [-183.77.266] rare, tall series waterfall empties into pond
  • [-339.67.356] exposed stone with iron
  • [-399.64.336] large coal, medium iron, and a small cave
  • [-182.80.162] medium cave complex with coal
  • [-75.76.208] medium lake


As with all legendary seeds, the one thing you can't do is settle on just two photographs. Starting at the top, we're leading off with our star -- the massive land bridge that spans the hills at 86.69.28. This and it's companion cave are the final pieces that catapulted this level to stardom. The image right below that is a large overhang -- one of many overhangs found on this level.

There are two shots of the Nether in that section. First is one of the few views that I was able to find to demonstrate the size of the primary chamber. As you can see, it's small compared to the average Nether. The second Nether image was taken right as I emerged from the underground labyrinth where my portal deployed. You can see how close to the ceiling I am and you can literally walk up and take the glowstone like picking apples off a tree. This is the only benefit of this Nether.

The final three images are a shot of a medium curved land bridge, a seriously shaded overhang that leaks gravel from the ceiling and births a creeper or two, and finally a pair of complimentary overhangs that almost bridge the gap between these two desert islands. If you take the time to connect them, you can cut the time it takes to travel from one to the other in half.

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