Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Seed: sqrt(-1) love you!

Special Achievements

  • Rolling! Higher than 8 out of 10 in hills and mountains.


  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • ++ Advanced ++
  • Expert
  • Suicidal Expert

Spawn and Version

Spawn: 145.73.20
Version: XBL 1.1.1 (equiv Beta 1.7.3)

Seed Score
MH 8.7
DW 3.1
C 4.2
W 3.9
SP 4.2
VR 4.4
AF 6.9


Occasionally, when a message comes on top of the main menu screen, I'll plug it in just to see if it gives me anything. Nine times out of ten, I get nothing. However, in this case, I struck gold. Well, rock... actually. Anyway, thanks Minecraft for your thoughtful suggestion.

When typing in this seed name, don't forget the spaces and the exclamation point.

My Review

If I only had three words to describe this level, they would be: very tall mountains. And I would put emphasis on the word "very" to make sure you knew I was serious. From the top of any of several mountain peaks cresting well above Y=100, you can see many caves and large overhangs throughout the central section of the map. This map does have it's fair share of icy areas, so don't think this seed is going to make it easy on you. Quite the contrary, you should expect a pleasant welcome for advanced users and a kick in the shins if you're a noob.

Items of Interest

  • [163.109.20] tallest peak on the seed
  • [160.72.-1] large coal
  • [242.72.18] medium waterfall and two large tabletop land bridges
  • [251.82.38] large tabletop overhang
  • [249.101.129] sound of skeletons
  • [278.73.128] cave full of zombies and some pumpkins
  • [286.71.127] large overhang/land bridge
  • [317.65.128] medium waterfall


From the top of this mountain peak, you can get a clear view of the large tabletop overhang below and a small cave system that scratches the surface of a neighboring mountain. At right, even though the level has a lot of snow, there are plenty of green spots to break up the monotony.

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