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Legendary Seed: itsybitsyspider

Special Achievements

  • Perfection! This seed has achieved one or more perfect scores.
  • Legendary Seed! This seed has scored an astonishing 55+ out of 70 in the overall score.
  • Golden! This seed has scored higher than 50 out of 70 in the overall score.
  • Premium! This seed has scored higher than 40 out of 70 in the overall score.
  • Rolling! Higher than 8 out of 10 in hills and mountains.
  • Abyssal! Higher than 8 out of 10 in deep water.
  • Anseled! Higher than 8 out of 10 in awesome features.


  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • ++ Advanced ++
  • Expert
  • Suicidal Expert

Spawn and Version

Spawn: 93.75.-79
Version: XBL 1.1.1 (equiv Beta 1.7.3)

Seed Score
MH 8.1
DW 9.5
C 5.7
W 7.5
SP 7.2
VR 7.8
AF 10.0

My Review

This is a fantastic level that I recommend everyone should see. Two things about this level that should sell you immediately. First, my spawn point had coal, iron, a hidi-hole, an underwater cave, and clay. Second, this seed has the most "Items of Interest" (see below) of any seed I've posted so far. Now that you're sold... let's begin.

This is an archipelago with many spider-web islands, inlets, lakes, and a cove or two. If this seed had more land, it would be one of the greatest of all time. As it is, it leaves you jonesing for more at every turn. As amazing as the mountains are above water, the valleys and seabed deep underwater are equally fascinating. There are islands that are literally afloat and if you dig anywhere, they collapse into the murky depths.

The west is mostly desert, but still interesting. However, if you spawn in the center of the map, you will be immediately drawn to the west -- which is where some of the most awesome formations can be found. Chief among them, "The Web" (see below) and it's network of twisted overhangs, land bridges, and caves. There are large spires everywhere (including a nice one in the northwest corner away from all the action) and there are several medium- and large-sized floaters fit for sky huts.

As far as resources are concerned, this is a clay level for sure. Many, many deep deposits scattered around the world will get you the brick house of your dreams (not that brick house of your dreams). I found one of everything in each corner, so you won't have to travel far to find what you need. I even found a pink sheep! Falling sand (for those who like that sort of thing... and I do) can be found on the desert islands in the west. Normally, something with this many shadows would be classified as an "Expert" seed, however most of the shadows fall over water so you should be pretty safe. Very little land but what little land it has is awesome. A legendary seed if I've ever seen one.

Can't Miss

So, the west side of the map is certainly the place to be with some truly amazing mountains. However, the gnarled and twisted formations I'll henceforth refer to as "The Web" are something you have to check out. You can find it at -369.72.73, but be sure to look around because it covers a pretty hefty chunk of the west side of the map. There are overhangs and land bridges running every which way and an absolute cacophony of awesome formations that are difficult to climb but awesome to look at. When you add in the caves underneath, it's a Minecraft wonderland.

Video: This Old Seed, Ep6

This seed appears in episode six of my important Xbox Minecraft seed tourism series, "This Old Seed". In this video, I give you a tour of "The Web", show you a pretty nifty overhang, and go to the ends of the map to get high.

Cliff Diving

  • [108.75.-59] medium overhang over water and floaters; also a medium cliff diving event
  • [-85.74.-391] cliff diving off medium overhang into water
  • [159.81.264] medium cliff diving event and three small floaters
  • [-78.65.-76] large overhang and tall cliff dive
  • [36.97.-60] large floater and tall cliff diving event
  • [-188.114.-127] epic cliff dive event: make sure you hit that hole
  • [-283.82.-39] medium cliff diving event
  • [-251.82.-55] medium cliff diving event

Items of Interest

  • [131.64.-56] hidden cave under water
  • [93.67.-99] small hidi-hole with iron
  • [92.65.-117] sugar
  • [23.69.-140] pumpkins
  • [-22.65.-156] crazy sand and red flower patch
  • [-7.65.-188] sugar
  • [-65.66.-249] small gravel
  • [-196.67.-146] epic, gnarly spire with two medium waterfalls
  • [-226.69.-150] pumpkins
  • [-394.79.-395] tall spire in northwest corner
  • [-280.65.-360] small flat island, sugar
  • [-202.75.-357] medium exposed stone
  • [-135.66.-355] medium clay with nearby iron
  • [-106.69.-392] shortcut cave with coal
  • [-74.65.-380] sinkable island with large clay
  • [96.65.-304] x2 sugar and crazy water hidi-hole
  • [121.65.-307] small cave + medium floater
  • [166.67.-232] shortcut cave
  • [196.76.-256] lots of pumpkins
  • [187.56.-327] deep cave with three waterfalls and a lava fall and lots of coal
  • [237.69.-294] really nice cove
  • [288.68.-302] suspicious pit
  • [289.66.-211] small lonely cacti on a sandbar guarding large clay
  • [356.65.-173] large clay, small falling sand
  • [374.68.-39] hidden cave
  • [361.65.32] large clay
  • [242.73.367] dead drop through mountain
  • [207.73.308] medium falling sand
  • [161.65.254] monster clay under small overhang in water
  • [206.66.211] large falling sand
  • [225.66.110] hidden deep pitfall cave
  • [87.65.182] medium clay
  • [113.65.260] medium overhang over water
  • [99.67.334] medium floater
  • [-116.76.327] wolves
  • [-145.75.321] pitfall through mountain
  • [-111.84.284] medium cave complex
  • [-4.64.66] dig down for medium cave with waterfall and lava fall
  • [39.66.-69] large clay, a small overhang, and a deep lake
  • [-7.68.-44] two small overhangs and a small floater
  • [-41.75.-47] tall waterfall and an awesome ravine
  • [-59.71.-81] small land bridge
  • [-130.75.260] small cave behind pond
  • [-257.65.349] hidi-hole
  • [-381.71.291] deep shadow, watch for skeletons
  • [-380.72.339] large floater
  • [-295.90.236] medium cave with coal
  • [-256.69.215] medium hidi-hole
  • [-323.103.231] tree valley
  • [-296.105.171] the small cave on this snow-capped peak must lead to something
  • [-347.82.162] river pouring out of shortcut cave and nearby small cave
  • [-369.72.73] Can't Miss: "The Web"
  • [-353.73.52] hidi-hole
  • [-328.70.-40] small waterfall
  • [-377.68.-85] one lonely pumpkin
  • [-298.66.-104] medium clay
  • [-181.70.-68] amazing shadowy land bridge
  • [-160.66.-72] small cave
  • [-224.72.-145] pumpkins
  • [-202.91.-128] massive spire with waterfall pouring out of it
  • [-199.119.-103] two tall spires, tallest point not-in-a-tree on map


As you can imagine, with any legendary seed it's difficult to narrow down the choices. For each of these shots, there are another two that didn't make the cut. However, I will say that it was also difficult to get shots in the first place because there are so many trees in these crevasses that it's a constant struggle to get a vista.

Anyway, up top with the map you'll find an "eye" formation in "The Web". This formation had two oddly accurate skeletons living in it, so I had to switch to no-enemies in order to get the shot. Below it, another view of "The Web": this time from the top of the formation looking down at a natural hill/cave combo that kind of reminds me of a spiral staircase.

As for the three images at right (from top to bottom), the first is a large spire with a waterfall pouring out of the middle of it. This double waterfall cleared out grass and trees at it went along depositing them in it's delta for me to pick up later. Lucky for me, this second shot was possible because the shadow of this overhang lands in the water. Finally, the trees worked in my favor for this shot. Is it a floating medium spire or a large ground spire? I'll let you find that one out for yourself.

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