Saturday, October 20, 2012

1.8.2 Seed & Map: playwright

Total Score
66.8 / 170.0 ( 39.3% )
FLAT 7.8 V 5 M/H 4.2
RAV 4.8 C 3.2 AMS 4.2
HOLD -- DW 6.1 OH 1.8
LB 3.7 FLOAT 2.9 SHADE 3.6
W 3.7 CLAY -- LAVA 4.8
WF 6.8 LF 4.2    


  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • ++ Advanced ++
  • Expert
  • Suicidal Expert


Seed Number: -792010129
Version: XBL 1.8.2 (equiv PC 1.2)


A playwright is someone who writes plays. It combines the words play (a written drama or comedy) and wright (a person who does work on, in this case, plays). Both words a old English, but the first instance of the word playwright dates to the late 1600s.

My Review

This is the seed to play if you want to see all the things that this new update has to offer. There are many villages peppered around the map. I love the flatland desert in this level. It's a really good spot to plant down a castle. There are a lot of waterfalls and floaters on this level. Very scenic. I recommend this seed to all advanced users while I continue my search for something a little more -- legendary.


Well, it doesn't get any simpler than this. The map runs east to west. Dead center is a massive desert with a super thick forest in the west, a nice mountain range in the southwest, and a small bit of ice out east.


  • [162.71.18] village, 9 buildings plus water well and guard tower
  • [-405.69.-187] village, 7 buildings plus guard tower, coastal
  • [-186.77.-186] village, 1 house, 1 blacksmith, water well
  • [-262.77.-396] abandoned house and water well
  • [90.69.-231] abandoned water well


  • [237.18.264] gold
  • [254.14.223] gold
  • [339.26.236] dungeon, 2 chests, cocoa beans, iron bars
  • [330.30.260] small underground ravine and cavern
  • [153.27.-333] medium underwater ravine with lava floor
  • [161.12.-335] lapis and obsidian
  • [156.26.-305] abandoned mineshaft
  • [-12.43.-290] dead drop
  • [-48.70.-302] medium ravine, Y=32

Above Ground

  • [-401.75.324] large floater
  • [-334.81.199] medium overhang
  • [-362.84.241] medium waterfall
  • [-382.81.120] large crater, large land bridge with cave, medium waterfall
  • [-372.113.97] medium floater
  • [-294.77.148] large lava fall
  • [164.66.179] twin tall waterfalls
  • [188.70.146] small cave
  • [228.68.171] beautiful shaded lake and small waterfall
  • [268.68.178] medium waterfall
  • [326.68.-18] lava pit in small icy forest
  • [360.59.-31] small shortcut cave
  • [217.66.-336] small flatland island
  • [77.69.-80] small erosion
  • [20.68.-101] small erosion with coal
  • [33.86.-33] desert
  • [59.68.-326] medium cave
  • [-323.65.-365] pumpkins
  • [-329.79.-218] small swamp
  • [-291.74.-158] pumpkins
  • [-328.79.-63] lava pit and forest fire
  • [-349.69.-35] lava pit
  • [-286.73.-39] thick forest
  • [-288.65.-71] medium cave with coal
  • [-163.71.23] small, flat erosion


[TOP] This is a shot from inside one of a medium cavern showing a lava fall that illuminates two nearby waterfalls.

[ABOVE] Keeping with the lava theme, here is a medium lava fall flowing out of the side of a mountain just after twilight.

[ABOVE] Here is a shot of the largest of the villages. I'm pretty sure this is as big as a spawned village can get without player assistance.

[ABOVE] This really scenic lake is being fed by a small waterfall. This lake is actually surprisingly deep.

[ABOVE] This series of medium and large land bridges combine to create a serious shadow across the terrain. No doubt you're going to find some daywalkers hanging out under here.

[ABOVE]This is a view from one of the many ravines on this level.

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