Monday, October 8, 2012

Almost Awesome: Oct 8, 2012

So, this week has been crazy busy and, sadly, disappointing for me because I haven't really found any seeds that were incredible or amazing. However, I did find several seeds that had maybe one or two cool features that I figured I'd mention as I continue my search for more good seeds.

As always, no capitals and no spaces for these.

Seed: misspelled

This was a really cool archipelago with lots of water. I think I might do a map for this one later when I find the time.

Seed: daiquiri

Holy crap there is a lot of clay lying around on this one. I found no less than five deposits. Also, there is a very large flatland. The map basically looks like a shotgun blast of lakes.

Seed: guaranteed

You'll find a mega flatland at 15.74.66, a deep cave at 15.73.-267, and a wall of clay at -126.65.-375.

Seed: colonel

I like this level because there are enough trees for you to easily find wood but not so many that you can't see the scenic vistas. There is an epic overhang at 241.70.-265, though it has some holes in it so it's not as shady as you might expect given it's size.

Seed: maneuver

There is an underwater gravel ravine that I'm convinced can be excavated to reveal a cave. However, it's a considerable project. Given the size of the deposit, there may be a secondary entrance, but I didn't spot one. You can find it at 29.64.-105.

Seed: minuscule

Well, if you like flatland, then this one is for you. -369.73.-229 is the approximate center of a wide open space perfect for a reproduction of the village from the John Wayne classic, Quiet Man. Also on this level you're going to find lots of lava pits, a tall lava fall (55.73.-207), and a medium cave and cool valley at -162.69.-311.

Seed: noticeable

Lots of water on this one; the island in the northeast corner looks to be the most promising.

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